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I am a born gifted spiritual psychic advisor. I advise people with love and compassion. When people come to visit for guidance, I don't see them as just a client, but as a reason that they have found me. After all, everything happens for a reason. My gift comes from love and love comes from God. I have been advising people for over 25 years through their confusing cycles of life.

I specialize in matters of the heart. At times we find ourselves lost and confused and it could be as simple as not knowing we have an imbalance in ourselves or our loved one. Love is the deepest emotion that we could ever feel and we all deserve it. 

About Me


My name is Lauren. Im a 3rd generational spiritual advisor. My gift comes from love and love comes from God. For over 25 years I have successfully guided people through their confusing cycles of life. I have searched spirituality from many different holy lands and countries, only to find that we are all praying to the same God, whether it be in India or right here in America. My motto is, spirituality is not a religion but rather a way that we treat other people, our relationship with God and with ourselves. Respecting the universal energies is a sense of respecting ones self. I do believe that we should sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching and work as if we don't need the money. Being original and true to yourself is the only way you can be at peace with your friends and loved ones.

I have also been blessed to chant with the goddess' of love and to reunite lovers or just to help you find your perfect soulmate.



Palm Reading- $25

Tarot Card Reading- $45

In-depth Tarot Reading- $65

Psychic Energy Reading-$95

Companion Reading-$95

Past Life Regression-$125

Full Life Astrology Chart-$320

Chakra Balancing-$125

Aura Cleansing-$125

Oracle Energy Reading-$110

Spiritual Cleansing Detox-$175

Meditation Classes:

First class is FREE, $35 onward


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